About BrassWerks

BrassWerks, a chamber brass and percussion ensemble, was formed to bring eastern Ontario the finest in traditional and contemporary music for symphonic brass. The 16-piece group consists of the brass and percussion sections of the Kingston Symphony, plus additional outstanding musicians.BW Oct2013 NCL-70 (Medium) The ensemble is committed to reaching audiences both through a yearly concert season and by providing educational activities in the form of workshops and concerts in schools.

BrassWerks serves the immediate communities of Frontenac, Loyalist, and Leeds Counties with its concert series and master classes, and the entire eastern area of the province through tours and concerts in outlying areas.

BrassWerks’ repertoire covers a wide variety of styles, periods, and genres from classical to pop, Baroque to jazz, and we actively commission new works from composers in the community … and we like to have fun. If you’ve been to any of our concerts, you know that we don’t take ourselves too seriously…but we work at giving you a performance that is both high-quality and entertaining. This is our 10th season, and we would like to thank everyone at Cookes- Portsmouth United Church for their support.
If you would like to hire BrassWerks for a performance in a series, a concert hall, school, etc. or a special occasion at your church (such as a Christmas Concert or Sing-a-long), please write to us at info@nullbrasswerks.ca.